True love

What is love?

You are love.

Because you love.

You show love to others

Because you act.

To leave an impact.

You provide a smooth way

When broken glass is your carpet.

All that matter is a provision in all ways

Diffusing out room of possibly becoming a puppet.

You are born of love

So be love, act love, move love, show love,

To love



He is Greater

Turmoil everywhere.

Perfection seen nowhere.

But love is present

To give you rest.

So in the times of worldly storms,

Choose the best

And that is Christ in all forms.

He is present in your cry corner.

He sees the true tear behind your brightly wide smile.

His love is not limited by a mile.

So the problem statistics you draw in a pile.

Is tiny compared to the one beside you, in you.

So know yourself better.

And start living like a master.



Fragrance of Christ

Hi friends. Today i sat down thinking about the love of Christ. The grace of God. I had a click in mind. I noticed Christ has shades.

The shades of God. This is what describes God. He is described by power, might, strength, love,peace, patience and more.

Although i knew he had shades or different faces, i couldnt count them. Do you know why, because he is way diverse than iur minds can comprehend. Indeed His ways are not ours.

This can never remain he same in his presence. He is my strength, making my feeble knees day by day. By that am confident in my movement in Earth. He is my fragrance and wherever i go i do my best to show the Christ i believed.

He is my strength, who is yours? Am a proud fragrance of CHRIST.

The only reason we live is for Christ because we are the only reason why He came and died on the cross for us.


Hey here. Am new here. This is my blog. I pray to reach out to the world by the word, for the word and with the word. Join me as we love on Christ. I welcome you to my blog. I will share about Christ through poetry with motivation of scriptures.

I love God. And all this is His. Just like what i have is from Him


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton